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Preparing for Marriage

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So now you're engaged and needing to plan for the rest of your life. Now what? If you already feel overwhelmed by all the wedding planning that you need to do, don't fret. The wedding is just one day. Go beyond that and start thinking about your future of what's really important.

Here are 5 Steps to Take before You Say "I Do"

1.) Pre-martial counseling-

You might you could just skip out on not meeting with another couple, but it's not recommended. What's hard about receiving counsel from others is the fact that they keep you accountable. They tell you things that sting. But just as the Lord disciples those He loves, so do the people who love and support us. If you aren't connected with a church or don't even believe in God, but want counsel from others. Look for a couple that you trust. That models marriage the way you want to live out your life. I love my single friends but this is an area where you don't want their advice. They don't know what they're talking about since they are not married. Seeing marriage and being married is day and night. If you don't have a couple that you trust or look up to, ask people if they would recommend anyone for marriage counseling.

2.) Accountablity-

Speaking of being held accountable, now that you're engaged, your boundaries will be tested now more than ever. Setting up boundaries with your future spouse is critical. You are not only trying to keep your standards high, but you are setting the stage for what your marriage life will look like. After establishing the dos and don't within your relationship, tell someone and ask them to meet with you once a week or whatever works with your schedule. You don't want to walk down the aisle with regrets or be full of shame. You want to walk in the freedom that you are loved by many and will make countless mistakes but have a willing heart to make things right.

3.) Planning-

Not the planning type that's ok cause that's not what I mean when I say "planning". You should talk with your marriage counselors and sit down with your spouse and ask the hard hitting questions. What are our 10 year goals? What are the expectations regarding taking care of the home? Do you both want kids? Etc. These are questions that you shoujld already be talking about but if you haven't you should start.You might be surprised by what your future spouse will say. The goal is to be on the same page. Even if you disagree you can work it out.

4.) Inner Healing and Deliverance-

Yes you heard right. I remember going through a handful of marriage classes with my husband and also taking inner healing courses. This has helped our marriage so much because I knew I was a mess and I didn't want to bring in all my crap into this marriage. Of course I brought some into it, but since my husband knew what I was getting myself into, he would pray for me, talk with me, listen to me. It strengthened our relationship so much because we were able to go deep and process issues together.

5.) Relax and have fun-

Even though I just gave you a pretty hefty list of things to consider before you say "I do". In the end, all your crap is going to come up and you'l need to deal with it one way or another. Have fun with your person. Continue to go out on dates while working up a storm and saving up for your wedding. It's important to still kindle the flame before you get married.

I pray your marriage is successful and firey. I hope that you will continue to love each other no matter what happens. Continue to stick to one another when the other is being such a jerk and wants to leave you. Run toward them not away. Trust me they still love you, they are just so hurt and confused that they just need to know that you will still be there for them. Through all the brokness of a human being they need to know that you still want them, that you'll still stand by there side. That's what marriage is truly for. Your friendship being tested to the core.

Blessings on your journey with your best friend

The Thought of You

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This is an older blog from when I was pregnant. I was going to update it, but it's too precious to me to change it. This post is probably one of my favorites cause it reminds me where I was when my son wasn't born yet.

Losing more sleep nowadays. But I suppose it's all in preparation for this little bundle of joy that is soon to come into the world. It's becoming more of a reality that we will be having another person in the house. When I think about Liam, I get so excited, and nervous about meeting him. What will his personality be like? What kind of hair will he have? Will he like me? Will I like him?

I know silly questions, but they actually do roll around in my head from time to time. It's amazing how we don't remember being in a cocoon in the womb. But I will get to remember his first steps, his first smile, the way he looks at me. All of these little, yet precious moments will be so beautiful and priceless I get to experience.

I am overwhelmed by the thought that our Creator God has witness these very moments with every human being on this planet. He is the perfect Father. He truly knows us from the inside out, and only He knows the depths of our weak and brokenness, and yet still embraces us as a newborn babe. I want to love my child the way He loves me.