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Learning to slow down

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I know 2016 was difficult for a lot of people and for some it wasn't so much. But to all I lift up my glass of water and say cheers to 2017 and good bye 2016 :-) 

At first I would of been one of those people that said 2016 was the worse, and yes 2016 was not the greatest year for me, but now looking back, the Lord was in every single moment, in every single breath, in every single thing that I did or did not do. He was everywhere, and for most of last year I chose not to believe in that. I chose to lean on my own strength, to put myself above my family, my friends, and God. You know what happened? I crashed. Hard. I had a seizure, in October, my weight and eating habits were terrible, my emotional state was in disarray, and I was very seriously going to walk away from my marriage, my family, my business, my life, and from the Lord. So yes, last year was a very hard year for me on every single level.

But you know what, after I had my seizure, I actually began to see things clearly. I thought at first and maybe it's still true that I had the seizure because of the devil, because of the constant warfare over my life, and that might have played a part in it, but when I looked at the bigger picture, and when the doctor told me I couldn't drive for six months, I had the biggest weight lift off of me. I was glad I couldn't drive! I was glad that I had to stay home with my son and look him in the face and be his mom! It was like the Lord was telling me STOP! Just stop Andrea! You are literally killing yourself and you are allowing the enemy the drive that knife a little deeper, you are allowing him to push you a little harder.

I saw a picture of myself in that moment me at the fork in the road. Which path will you choose I heard, and what I saw was path that looked nice but at the very end it changed into death. Then I saw the other path that didn't look to awesome either lol, it was narrow and baron, but somehow I knew deep in my heart that fruit would come forth if I chose that path. I took a deep breath, reached out my hand to no one at the time, but then looked up and there He was, waiting and smiling at me, and I chose the road less traveled. 

So the past couple of months the Lord has taught me a few things. To slow the heck down, take a deep breath, and be in the moment; yet look toward the future for He has good things in store for me then I can ever imagine. I just need to trust that He knows what He's doing. That I am not missing anything, everything in His timing is the best timing. 

Your Story

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Your story usually starts out like this, how you met, dating, the proposal, the “big day”. A lot of those little details get lost along the way of making your life together. What about re-telling your story? It's so important to keep those stories alive and going for generations to come.

I mean think about it, you have your kids, grandkids, great-grand kids. They want to know about you, whether or not they will meet you or not. The history to one's life is such a beautiful thing, and we need to continue to tell our family and friends about where we've come from.

  1. Scrapbooking-I recommend getting a Smash book or a knock off brand. You can buy extra little goodies to make cute colleagues for every type of occasion and season.


  2. Photo colleague-Get a matte board, collect photos of you when you were going up, cut them out and paste, and arrange them in a creative way.


  3. Music colleague-Make playlists, or create mix CDs of the different seasons of your life with your spouse. Play music that was popular when you got married.


  4. Writing on a blog/website or journal-If you enjoy writing or story telling I think this is the simplest way to say what's on your mind from your perspective. Journaling would be awesome because you can have books and books of stories of you and your spouse lying in an attic and your great grandchild finds it and it's like treasure to them.


  5. Voice record/video record the stories-A new innovative way to reach to the next generation. Hearing and seeing people make such a difference. It takes away the imagination a little, but you get the raw reality of who these people were.

  6. Decor story frame-Write out a bunch of stories and create a board that overlaps each other, apply Mod Podge to a canvas or large flat surface, frame and put on your wall as décor.


  7. TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES! Keep photo albums, but also keep digital copies so you always have back ups.


  8. Dedicate a room-Write on paper, or the walls, different things that happened on your journey that you would want people to remember you by. Just make sure to take pictures of it before you move.


  9. Write a book-If you want to write a memoir then do it! If you can't write that's ok, that's what Ghost writers are for. I would first ask your close friends and family first if they know of people then search online.


  10. Collection of letters- All those times you wrote a love letter to your spouse. Keep them in a cool decorative box (T-Maxx, Hobby Lobby, Thrift store) and hide them away for a later time to bring out to the kids.

I think what I am going to do is mix a combination of these and make it my own. I want to have the traditional photo album but also have a fun Smash book to go with it. Whatever you choose to do make it your own and share it for future generations of your family line.

***If you have other awesome ideas, PLEASE share! I love getting feedback and hearing what other creative people have thought of. Please leave your comments below.