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Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice. One of the most iconic stories ever told by Jane Austen. I've been wanting to read the classics since, like forever, but since getting married having a baby blah blah blah life has been consuming. My good friend recommended Audible which is a website dedicated to audiobooks. They have thousands of books available, and amazing performers reading the books. This is my second audio book and I really enjoyed it. At first it took me a while to get into the story, but I think it's because I listened to Jane Eyre first, and that story is a dark, redemptive book. So going from that to a book to a very light hearted novel, threw me off a little. But eventually I got into the story and was swept away by all the crazy and beautifully written characters. I was not disappointed with this book, and I highly recommend it especially for the times we are in today.

Living life to the Fullest

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First off, I love Kate Winslet, secondly this quote is so great. Loving yourself the way that you are right now, but also wanting to be a better you is not only a positive outlook, but a realistic goal.

I am just starting to get into a routine where I want to workout not only for my family, but for myself. I want to feel better about myself from the inside out. I feel like this saying is cliche as it's true, true beauty comes from the inside out. So starting today I am going to look in the mirror each day and tell myself one thing I like. I believe in the power of words and I want to start treating myself with more respect and liking myself. The Lord created me to be the body shape that I am, the personality type that I am and He likes me for me, and if I don't accept that, then I will keep spinning down this the Alice in Wonderland hole. So, all that say, start liking yourself, start loving yourself, and start living.

The Thought of You

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This is an older blog from when I was pregnant. I was going to update it, but it's too precious to me to change it. This post is probably one of my favorites cause it reminds me where I was when my son wasn't born yet.

Losing more sleep nowadays. But I suppose it's all in preparation for this little bundle of joy that is soon to come into the world. It's becoming more of a reality that we will be having another person in the house. When I think about Liam, I get so excited, and nervous about meeting him. What will his personality be like? What kind of hair will he have? Will he like me? Will I like him?

I know silly questions, but they actually do roll around in my head from time to time. It's amazing how we don't remember being in a cocoon in the womb. But I will get to remember his first steps, his first smile, the way he looks at me. All of these little, yet precious moments will be so beautiful and priceless I get to experience.

I am overwhelmed by the thought that our Creator God has witness these very moments with every human being on this planet. He is the perfect Father. He truly knows us from the inside out, and only He knows the depths of our weak and brokenness, and yet still embraces us as a newborn babe. I want to love my child the way He loves me.