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The Glory Trimester

PregnancyAndrea SmithComment

After four long months of feeling nausea, throwing up and having extreme acid, the symptoms started to subside I began to feel like myself again. Like a real person. I was able to hangout with friends, have conservation, eat, and spend quality time with my spouse.

You think this is not a big deal and but when you are sick for months at a time, it wears you out. You feel like a zombie. Lifeless. Hormones raging so bad that you either want to hug people or hurt them. Usually, you want to hurt them. Though, after you've been through the storm, you can finally see the sun rising in the distance.

Your second trimester truly is wonderful. It's a glorious time to be you. Pregnant, big and beautiful. God truly gives us grace during your pregnancy. Even though this is my first time being pregnant, it has been a really hard journey. You don't realize how much hardship you go through mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Even if you're reading this thinking, "well my entire pregnancy was a terrible experience and I didn't have any grace".  I'm sure SOMEWHERE during your pregnancy you had at least one good day or few hours. That still counts as grace even if it took you while to recognized it.

Feeling your baby move, what your baby is, giving them a name and celebrating they at a party makes the pregnancy process way more than worth it. It truly will be worth it when you hold that little person in your arms. They become your person, that you and your other person created together.