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Living life to the Fullest

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First off, I love Kate Winslet, secondly this quote is so great. Loving yourself the way that you are right now, but also wanting to be a better you is not only a positive outlook, but a realistic goal.

I am just starting to get into a routine where I want to workout not only for my family, but for myself. I want to feel better about myself from the inside out. I feel like this saying is cliche as it's true, true beauty comes from the inside out. So starting today I am going to look in the mirror each day and tell myself one thing I like. I believe in the power of words and I want to start treating myself with more respect and liking myself. The Lord created me to be the body shape that I am, the personality type that I am and He likes me for me, and if I don't accept that, then I will keep spinning down this the Alice in Wonderland hole. So, all that say, start liking yourself, start loving yourself, and start living.