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There's something about going to a new place. Your mind begins to wander, and think about the endless amount of possibilities that can come to you in life.

My husband was born and raised in the state of Michigan. We were newly pregnant. Just finished reconstructing our basement to rent out, went to work part-time n market place. As well as working full-time as missionaries for a christian organization, and now needing to raise up our ministry team. All in the span of three months. So many changes have occurred since we've been married it doesn't surprise me in a bit that it's happening to the Smiths'.

Going into full-time ministry we have the privilege and responsibility to raise our own support. When I was pregnant, and we had a tight deadline for time off work, we thought Michigan would be the best place to go and raise up our ministry team.

It was September in Michigan, and I felt like I haven't touched fall in so long! The beauty of the leafs changing, Pumpkin Spice lattes at Starbucks and everyone was changing into cozy sweaters and adorable boots. The chill air reminds me that times are changing. A time to grow, a time to learn, a time to prune, a time to die, and a time to be refreshed.

Being up North was an amazing experience. I was introduced to people who have known Jared's mother since infancy! Getting to hear stories from there past, hearing the joy of their lives now was so rewarding. The sense of community and home was so refreshing and beautiful to see. I already miss my friends up there.

It's been so good and challenging to step out in faith and believe that Lord has called you to do something. Though, it's another thing to walk out. I am excited for this new adventure He has us on. Even though it's a hard road, we have been so abundantly blessed by those around us, and from our Father. I wouldn't trade this narrow road for anything else. He truly has given me the best life, and I know He only has more wonderful things for myself, and for our little family.